The Scientific Library of the PAAS and the PAS in Cracow

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The project of preserving Library’s manuscript collections on microfilms was started by the Polish National Library in the 1970s. Thanks to their work, we received over 4’760 items accompanied by the printed catalogue (Katalog mikrofilmów. Rękopisy Biblioteki PAN w Krakowie, vol. 1, ed. by J. Dużyk, B. Schnaydrowa, J. Staszel, Warszawa 1976 and vol. 2, ed. by J. Dużyk, J. Kręcina, Warszawa 1995). Since the mid-1990s the Library’s Reprographics Section has been responsible for making the microfilms. Materials available on microfilms currently consist of the oldest part of the Manuscript Collections (call nos. 1-6042), and the most popular transcriptions in the Zielinski (call nos. 7781-8225), Pawiński (call nos. 8318-8356), and Roman Files (call nos. 8357-8564). A collection of microfilmed copies of the legal documents from the Royal Prussia is also available in the Library.


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